Anna S. Agency | Anna Savitskaya, Agent et Coach Sportif

Our unique team is made up of 3 women who have all experienced the amazing opportunity to study in the United States on a sports scholarship.

Each of one us can understand your expectations and your needs, as well as your concerns as future student athletes. We draw from our personal experience to serve you as best as we can. A self confident athlete is a performing athlete and student, and that’s what our team tries its best to achieve for you !

Anna S. Agency | Anna Savitskaya, Agent et Coach Sportif


About her experience at Clemson University, South Carolina (1999-2005):

« The opportunity to join a University tennis team in the States has been the chance of my life. It was a win-win experience : a program that allowed me to enjoy both my passion at a high level and the chance of graduating with an international diploma. Human relations in an international cultural environment have been deeply rewarding for me. They have changed me forever and given me undeniable assets to achieve my personal and personal goals. There, I even met my best friends… and my husband! What more could I ask for? »

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1980, and I became one of the best Russian tennis players of my generation : Elena Dementieva et Anastasia Myskina (classement catégorie -18 ans : #6 en Russie en 1996)./em>.

In 1997, I had to give up my career for financial reasons, but Clemson University, one of the top universities for tennis (#13 of the NCAA –I ranking in 2004) noticed me and offered me a full scholarship in August 1999.

In 2002, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

From then on, I was no longer part of the university tennis team, but they helped me find financial aid to study for a Master in Applied Economics that I obtained in 2004. During that period, I kept practicing and participating to professional ITF championships in the South Eastern States.

In 2005, I moved to France for personal reasons and stayed on the ITF professional circuit ( ITF world rank : 777 single/ 504 doubles) and the French circuit (-15 from 2006 to 2010).

In 2009, I obtained my state diploma to be a tennis coach and I am currently in charge of the women’s competition section at the Montrouge Athletic Circle (CA Montrouge).

In addition to my coaching activity, I still live my passion for tennis at a high level. In 2016, I was selected for the over 35 French national tennis team, and we came out as the 2016 world vice champion at Umag, Croatia. I also play with the CA Montrouge team at National 1B level.

In 2017, I decided to launch my project with 2 other people intended to help young talents get into American universities. I am excited to share my rich experience and tennis connections to help these young people accomplish this unique and life changing project.


Anna S. Agency | Nina Bercek, Agent et Coach Sportif« Such an experience in the United States is a true school of life. I have learned not only how to be rigourous, responsible and independent, but also how to enjoy growing up as a unique adult making the most of herself. Speaking English is one of the most important skills to make a career in business and your experience in the States will definitely make you a citizen of the world. »

Daniela Nina Bercek is a Serbian tennis champion. She was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, where she followed Monica Seles’ steps and started playing tennis at 7.

Elle a gagné durant sa carrière 9 titres de championne de Serbie, puis a poursuivi sa carrière à l’international classée 37e en simple et 14e en double à l’ITF junior. Elle détient également un titre de championne d’Europe en double avec Jelena Jankovic.

During her career, she won 9 titles in Serbia and then carried on an international career up to the 37th rank single and 14th rank doubles in the IFT Junior. She also earned a European champion title playing doubles with Jelena Jankovic.

She also played at 3 Grand Slam junior tournaments and reached doubles semi finals at the Australian Open, her best performance ever. After a year and a half on the WTA circuit, she rose to world rank 520 single and world rank 360 doubles. She also fought for her national colors at the FED Cup.

Her desire to keep playing tennis while acquiring a solid academic background brought her to top tennis Division I universities: UCLA for the first year, DUKE for the other 2.

In 2005, she rose to NCAA #1 rank single and #2 doubles, bringing her team amazing victories.

She graduated with a BA in International Public Communication. Back to France, she was hired by Babolat as European Affairs Marketing Assistant. And since she obtained her MBA at EM Lyon in 2015, she’s been working for Adecco as International Communication and Marketing Manager.


Anna S. Agency | Joana Costa, Agent et Coach Sportif

About her experience at Clemson University, North Carolina (1999-2005):

« My experience at Clemson University, my diploma and the international dimension of my studies have clearly carried me to the top of pole vault competition in my own country. »

 » I’m Brasilian and starting at a very young age, I practiced different athletics disciplines such as long jump, triple jump and heptathlon. In the end, at the of 15, I chose pole vaulting and that’s how I made my dream come true : studying while practicing my sport in the States. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and on the sports side, I won 3 ACC champion titles and jumped for national competitions. « 

« My experience at the university of Clemson has played a important role in the development of my personal life and a crucial one to help me make the right choices for my sports career. I moved on successfully in the world of pole vault, and participated in the world championships in 2007 and 2008. The peak of my career is undoubtedly my qualification for and my participation to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Today, I’m a Sao Paulo Club athlete, a personal coach and a member of the coaches Academy of the Brasilian Olympic Committee. »