What is it about ?

It is a method elaborated by Alphonso Caycédo, a neuro-psychiatrist, in the 60’s. It is efficient and easy to use on a daily basis to understand and overcomeour psychological and physical blockages. Sophrology is about taking a unique risk :

Getting to know yourself better

Just like mental training, sophrogoly is a tool used to get the best out of yourself, in sports as in studies. (Compétitions, exams, …).

The mind is inseparable from physical capacities, and we can train our mind to draw our own resources such as motivation, concentration, stress control, self confidence, visualization, positive perceptions. It is about developing our capacity for pleasure and adaption, in order to take control of our life instead of simply enduring it.

Sophrology teaches you how to understand and control your body in order to avoid useless growing tensions. By working on your breathing, you work on controlling your stress to have your body and mind live in harmony.

It requires a little bit of time and regular training with the repetition of a series of audio sessions. The idea it to create a personalized mini library of sophrology sessions.

The repetition of these sessions creates an addiction to the simultaneous awareness of the body and the mind.

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