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Why should you go?

The American university system is unique in the world. A lot of international athletes have gone through it before becoming professionals.
As for tennis, for example :

  • John Isner (University of Georgia)
  • James Blake (Harvard)
  • Steve Johnson (USC)
  • Julie Coin (Clemson University)…

This university system allows athletes to adapt their schedule according to their specific sports program and fully integrate the life of the university as they represent it through various university championships. A student athlete can enjoy high quality coaching, sports training programs and access to all required facilities for free.

An average daily schedule includes one or two training sessions, plus specific weight lifting and fitness sessions. And this is all in parallel with an academic degree program.

You are going to become fluent in English, a major asset on today’s job market as foreign languages are now a major requirement to be hired by any big company.

Studying in the United States is an unforgettable and culturally fulfilling experience. It will open up your mind and build your capacity to adapt, while giving you intellectual and physical satisfaction.

Réalisez votre sport études aux États-Unis

The sports scholarship

A sports scholarship is a financial aid program granted by universities to athletes to represent them at championships.

This program is unique as it allows athletes to study while practicing their sport at the highest level without having to worry about any costs. Depending on the university’s financial capacity as well as on your sports performances, the scholarship can cover up to 100% of your expenses. Such scholarships make our clients save $20,000 to $50,000 a year.

A sports scholarship covers the following costs, (depending on the percentage granted) : academic expenses, housing, books, food, sports gear (team gear, shoes, rackets etc), travel expenses for cross-university competitions.

Requirements for admission

Basic requirements

Young athletes interested in Anna-S Agency’s program must fulfill the following requirements :

  • to be between 16 and 22 years old
  • to have obtained, or be about to obtain, a bachelor’s degree
  • to justify of good regional or national sports performances

To pass :

  • the TOEFL : (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). This is a standard test to evaluate one’s language skills. It is required by all universities and determines admission.
  • Le SAT : (Scholastic Assessment Test). This is the second standard test required for all students American and foreign applying to American universities. This one evaluates English writing and maths skills. Score requirements vary according to each university’s expectations.

Your checklist

  • Fill out the online form to contact us or to obtain an estimation of your future scholarship.

  • Sign the contract and send us a video (if you have one)

  • Take the TOEFL and the SAT

  • Sign the scholarship contract with the university you’ve chosen

  • Get your visa…

  • Ready, steady, pack your suitcase and go for an unforgettable experience !

It should be noted that candidates with another diploma (Licence, Master, DUT) may claim certain equivalences. To do this, you will be asked to complete an evaluation of your American Degree Credits, for which we will assist you.


How many times a year and how long will my daughter come back home ?2018-04-08T18:00:46+02:00

In the States, there are few but long academic holiday periods. Your child will enjoy 3 to 4 weeks off around Christmas (usually from dec 15 to jan 15) and almost 3 months in the summer (usually from may 15/20 to aug 15). Dates can vary but holidays are always that long, except for some sports.

What happens if my daughter gets hurt?2018-04-08T17:58:07+02:00

In that case, your child is taken care of by the university’s sports department, and directed to external medical experts if needed. The university, and its sports department cover external care expenses. However, in some cases, if the injury is too serious, the athlete may benefit from a “redshirt” year. This status can be granted for medical reasons if the player has been hurt a whole season, or by exemption. In this case, she doesn’t play any official match for the whole season and can enjoy a fifth year of scholarship in her university.

Is it possible to visit the universities before signing?2018-04-08T17:56:01+02:00

Universities do give the opportunity to visit their campus and facilities to show how serious they are about recruiting your child. In some cases, the visit is even entirely paid for. We then take care of making the most out of your child’s stay in collaboration with the university coaches.
However, universities rarely cover the costs of pre-application visits, except for high level athletes (national or Olympic champions). You can always visit the universities of your choice at your own cost.

When should I apply for a visa?2018-04-08T17:54:08+02:00

As soon as you have officially been admitted at the university, and have received the I-20 form, you should apply for a visa at the nearest US embassy. The delay before getting an appointment can be long, and you should plan at least a month between your admission and the appointment at the embassy.

Will my daughter benefit from Anna S Agency’s assistance upon her arrival in the States?2018-04-08T17:51:34+02:00

Of course, Anna S Agency makes all the necessary arrangements so that your daughter is welcomed by her coach at the airport. Once your child has arrived, we commit ourselves to remaining available for her all the way through her studies in case she needs help or advice from us.

Can I get a scholarship if I enter the university in January rather that in August?2018-04-08T17:48:37+02:00

Indeed, you may obtain a scholarship to start your program in January, in particular for sports for which the better part of the season starts in january: tennis and track and field.

However, it is good to know that when the season is over, coaches are less willing to grant scholarships as their finances are obvisouly at their lowest.

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